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Anti Waste was established by Mr Fanus Beytell in 1988 after being inspired by a group of people separating material for recycling. This idea was taken on as a hobby in the Limpopo Province.

The hobby quickly grew into a business, and over this 30 year period Anti Waste has grown to be one of the largest recycling companies in the Limpopo province and delivers over 1000 tons of recyclable waste per month.

Anti Waste has various buy back centers in the Polokwane area whereby anyone can take recyclable material and trade it for cash. Currently Anti Waste deals in cardboard, paper, plastic and glass.

 Anti Waste helped with the development of other recycling companies in the Limpopo province, and therefore is proudly a contributor to help in job creation and helping entrepreneurs grow in recycling.


Our vision is to live our name – Anti Waste, being the premier recycling partner for small, medium and large enterprises.

Compliance with the relevant environmental laws and regulations is the foundation on which we build our performance.


Our mission is to keep Limpopo Province as clean as possible and influence all the other people in the province and keep Limpopo Green.


To build on our existing platform of success regarding waste management and job creation in developing of new recycling concepts. 

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